See how Revolve Healthcare supports


in building scalable software solutions

We understand the challenges of
biotech software development

Having worked with different biotech companies, we get the challenges
they face when building software. The key ones we identified are:

the need to process, analyze, and visualize large amounts of data;

having to adhere to regulations specific to the medical industry;

the focus on bioinformaticians building working prototypes rather than scalable systems;

not enough time, resources, and/or experience to build and manage an internal team of software developers;

having to keep up to date with current research, programming languages, and more.

We learn from our amazing clients

Revolve has been supporting the work of Enpicom remotely with a team of 3 engineers.

Enpicom is a biotech startup from the Netherlands, developing an end-to-end cloud-based platform that enables any scientist to efficiently manage, analyze, and visualize immune repertoire sequencing data.

We have been working with Revolve for more than a year now and our experiences are very positive. They can provide good people and are flexible. Besides, their special focus on healthcare is important to us.

Jos Lunenberg, Chief Executive Officer

Working with companies like Enpicom or Centogene is a great experience. Processing the DNA data requires advanced programming skills and usage of complex solutions and tools. For us, it’s both challenging and exciting, to help to build cutting-edge solutions for genetics.

Łukasz Bandała, co-CEO, Revolve Healthcare

Revolve supports the development of specialized software solutions, as well as CENTOGENE’s mission to enable the cure of 100 rare diseases within the next 10 years.

CENTOGENE engages in diagnosis and research, transforming real-world clinical, genetic, and multiomic data to diagnose, understand, and treat rare diseases.

The company’s platform includes epidemiologic, phenotypic, and genetic data that reflects a global population, as well as a biobank of patients’ blood samples and cell cultures.

Get to know our process

We’re always open and honest with our clients. This includes being transparent about our processes, and it all starts with the steps we undertake to extend the existing in-house team:

Technical consultations (understanding what your technology requirements are, what competencies you need, and how we can work together)
1-4 weeks

Team proposition and interviews with the suggested team members
1 week

Contract signing
1-2 weeks

Onboarding and trial period
1-3 months (optional)

Regular development


Technical consultations (understanding what your technology requirements are, what competencies you need, and how we can work together)
1-4 weeks


Team proposition and interviews with the suggested team members

1 week


Contract signing

1-2 weeks


Onboarding and trial period
1-3 months (optional)


Regular development

We know how to work with bioinformaticians

It takes more than knowing how to code to be a good software development partner for a biotech company. At Revolve, we thrive to provide our clients with more than just a service. Our developers become an extension to your team, working in sync, reporting on progress, and meeting deadlines. They are self-sufficient and well-managed at the same time. They simply know what to do and do it well, saving you time and worries. Below are some of the benefits of working with us:

We have experience working with bioinformaticians and we understand their roles and competences.

We can easily and flexibly supplement your existing in-house team.

Our process is compliant with the requirements of ISO13485 and IEC62304.

We have a track record of turning biotech prototypes into scalable platforms.

We’re based in the EU and we know very well what developing a medtech app in Europe entails.

We’re good at our jobs, but we’re also great people, who are easy to get along with.

Meet a few of our software development experts

Łukasz Bandała

Biomedical engineer. A science and technology passionate interested in artificial intelligence, biocybernetics, and modern physics, with proven experience in health technologies. Co-founder of Revolve Healthcare

Artur Wojnar

Technical expert, software architect with 10+ years of experience in software engineering. Lately involved in a developing a product that requires compliance with ISO13485

Przemek Nowak

Technical expert, experienced in working with bioinformaticians and turning biotech prototypes into scalable platforms.

Let’s talk about biotech software

Book a meeting with us if you want to learn:

how we can help bioinformaticians scale their software prototypes;

what are the typical software challenges biotech companies face;

how to smoothly onboard a team of external software engineers;

how to build a successful mixed set-up composed of your in-house team and external engineers;

how to overcome challenges of distributed and remote teams.

The meeting will be online and will take no longer than 45 minutes.
Please use the contact form on the right to book a meeting.

    About Revolve Healthcare

    Revolve Healthcare is a software development company based in Poland, experienced in designing and developing medical software and healthcare applications for European and global clients. We understand the requirements of the IEC 62304 and MDR standards, and our software development process complies with ISO 13485 quality management process.